CS4B exists, because we believe your business deserves to be taken seriously. There is a certain elevation a production has when it is professionally accomplished. That’s mainly because an expert is paying attention to all the things an amateur doesn’t know about – lighting, blocking, colors, lines, flow, interpretation… you will be hard pressed to find a person that picks up an iPhone and shoots like a pro – and that’s not because that person doesn’t have the potential to do so, but because an actual professional has been taught to pay close attention to a world of details that the non-pro doesn’t even know exists. Those details, that training and experience all translate to a professional, quality product that will be interpreted by viewers to be the level <of quality, seriousness, professionalism> a business is currently at.

We all remember the elderly lady that decided she could DIY the restoration of a 19th century work of art, right? That’s the same kind of mentality behind businesses saying “I’ll just make my own <video, logo, training, website, etc.>”

“Elderly lady restores 19th century work of art.” Nailed it.

What level of business do you want to portray? Is your business represented by graphics you’ve used for years or that you threw together? Do your homemade videos attract or distract the level of clientele you’re trying to reach?With every visual product you are creating for your business, you are either elevating or depreciating your brand’s image. You only get one chance to make the right impression to your target audience – the quality of your project matters. Choose an experienced professional to help you elevate your business.

The Creative Team Behind the Scenes:
Our core staff consists of a full time Video Producer/Director and a full time Designer/Artist.

Kevin Dermody, founder and owner of CS4B
An honest, straightforward businessman and great team player, Kevin is the most technically inclined person on any crew. His talents are in the intangibles: trouble shooting, technicalities, technology, leadership, instruction, budgets and ROI. Kevin approaches every production, regardless of budget, with the same amount of seriousness and professionalism. His attention is always in the details. With more than a decade of experience producing videos here in Central Florida, and nearly a decade of additional experience creating live video production broadcasts in Washington, D.C. prior to that, Kevin is an established production expert in every regard.

Nicole Dermody, Designer/Artist
You may already be familiar with her design work here in Orlando if you’ve been to Broadway shows or the Amway Center to watch an Orlando Predators or Solar Bears game. Nicole’s unique ability to intuitively create in a way that speaks to the owner and audience makes her a great resource for brand identity and development. Nicole is an artist at heart – so if it’s creative and artistic, it’s likely in her wheelhouse. Her day-to-day varies from creation of traditional design elements like logos and branding – to creating content for client’s newsletters, blog articles, and gathering or taking photos for her customer’s social media, advertisements, or websites – to painting everything from canvases to interior walls. If it involves design, painting, or art – she’s your creativity one-stop!

Check out some of our video production work on Vimeo:

CS4B Kevin – Video Productions

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