A good design will get you by. A great design will get you noticed.

Q: “Where should I start with my business’s design?”

A: In a visual world, a great brand design can really set you apart. What is the main way people are introduced to your business? For a lot of entrepreneurs, it’s through networking events using business cards. If there was one way we could suggest a subtle change that makes a big impact on the way others perceive you, it would be with a professional design of your logo and business card. A design with meaning is automatically memorable. An awesome business card just sits well with people. In fact, they usually comment, “Hey, nice card!” Some even keep it for inspiration, which means instead of joining a stack of cards in the trash, they keep the ability to call you should your services align with their needs.

CS4B specializes in intuitive brand development through design. Our Designer, Nicole has the unique ability to turn the core ideals of your business into the perfect graphic elements to represent it. It’s a creative process that can include developing the ideas you have in your head, or starting from scratch on her own – but everything she designs has a marketing end-game in mind. Nicole’s designs are developed with a deeper understanding through learning about your business and aligning designs with your marketing goals. This process lays the foundation for turning your business into a brand. When you hire us, consider Nicole your personal Creative Director. If you are looking for a partner in brand development, that understands your business’s look needs to span from paper to product, concept to concrete, look no further.

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